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Diversification of energy to biofuel must be the way

The increase in temperature cause the earth in the polar ice melt, glacier decline and disappear, sea level rise, climate change occurs in extreme and difficult to predict, flooding it on various regions, different types of storms come silih switch, a number of species of plants and animals destroyed, biodiversity decline, agricultural products decreased, and various types of human diseases lurk. Regional glacier or snow lasting Carstensz Peak in 1995 and decreased to 70%. In fact, this is the only glacier in the tropical country.

When crude oil prices bounced up to penetrate U.S. $ 100 per barrel, the government announced the biofuel. Some of the raw material fuel vegetable (BBN) is also mentioned, among others, Jatropha curcas L, CPO, cassava, and maize. 

Despite fuel price was revealed, the movement to increase the consumption of biofuel may not be lax. The government should immediately have a plan and a mature comprehensive about biofuel industry, biofuel raw materials, marketing and consumption of biofuel. So the price decline in crude oil can not turn the movement of energy diversification, so that human dependence on energy consumption of fuel oil (BBM) or more fossil energy decreased 

Global warming is the increase in average temperature of the earth surface due to the increased amount of greenhouse gas emissions to the atmosphere. Heating followed by climate change (climate change) is very frequent extreme. Climate change by excessive rainfall to cause flooding and erosion. While in the other, to make climate change into the dry season is very dry. 

In the last ten years, flooding has removed millions of human lives and destroy property worth trillion property rupiah. While the long dry marked increase in air temperature cause some plants and animals destroyed.

Lately, said greenhouse gases, global warming, climate change and decorate the mass communication media. This is a reflection of the mass media's responsibility towards the earth and the human environment. Earth and its contents belong to future generations not only now but also the property of children and grandchildren. The property of mankind throughout the period. Therefore, the earth must be maintained and the environment must be a commitment. 

If you're still in a certain degree, greenhouse gases indeed useful for living things. But, with increasing industrialization, transport, and various human activities that use the fuel-based electricity and fossil energy, the concentration of greenhouse gases to be excessive. The earth's heat. 

One type of greenhouse gases that contribute most to the emission of greenhouse gases is carbon dioxide. Donated most of the carbon dioxide by burning fossil fuels (oil and coal) in the industrial sector, power, transportation, and burning forests. 

Coal power plants are the biggest carbon dioxide producer. The power to remove coal energy doubling of energy produced. Each 1000 megawatt power plants that produce electricity out of coal emissions would remove 5.6 million tons of carbon dioxide per year. 

Ranking second is the use of fuel by vehicles. Vehicles that consume 7.8 liters per 100 km premium will emission 3 tons of carbon dioxide. If there is the 3.6 million motorcycles and 2.3 million cars, how much carbon dioxide emissions to the air?