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2009 Oil & Gas Production Target Realistic

The 2009 oil and gas production target, consisting of 960 thousand bpd of oil and 7,56 billion cubic feet per day is regarded realistic. The government is optimistic in reaching this target due to the report of oil and gas contractors that they have no substantial problem in production.

“The 2009 oil and gas production target is realistic, because actual production is doing well. Keeping this in mind, we are optimistic in reaching this target” explains the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources, Purnomo Yusgiantoro during the press conference of Oil and Gas Working Contractors at the Department of Energy and Mineral Resources on Tuesday (3/2).

The minister remarked that this production is consistent with field conditions and the targeted national income stated in the national budget, which is neither too low nor high. “This target is aimed at reaching the target set in the national budget”. The minister also pointed out several recurring problems which may hinder production, including environmental, operational, technical, security, and governmental policy issues.

The Director General of Oil and Gas, Evita H. Legowo explains that she will facilitate to solve these issues. “We are ready to facilitate the problems faced by the contractors”. The Head of BP Migas R Prijono explains that he will coordinate and support the contractors in solving these problems in order to reach the production target.