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Signal Forest Destruction

A number of cases out of the forest tiger is a sign that nature was the king of the forest damage in the forest environment. Environmental damage that may be caused logging in the forest, illegal logging, to a burning forest and land. 

Damage to forests in Sumatra are in the middle of this big. That is one of a number of trigger conflict between tiger and humans that occurred simultaneously in January-February. This forests is a live tiger habitat. If the forest is not disturbed, tiger will not take big risks to get out of their habitat and expose themselves to human settlements 

Sumatera relax into the settlement of Halaban, Limapuluh City District, and a number of cattle memangsa. District Limapuluh still in the city, public unrest will cause excess harimau support of up tiger hunting. A tiger hunter caught Polsek Kapur IX District Limapuluh City two weekends back. 

In Riau Province, the three conflict tiger tail tiger died; while six people died in Jambi Province. Events occur only within a period of one month only. 

Forest fires and land does not only impact on the disease in the channel human respiratory infections, but also the balance of habitat not stable live animals in the forest. 

Every time a fire to burn the forest, animals disturbed and will soon move to a safe place. When the switch is to the decrease, many animals will go to the settlement population. 

With the emergence of the tiger to the settlement, the Government is expected to take a policy for saving the forest, not to increase the area of forest conversion.