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Jatropha curcas L as a raw material for biofuel

Distance fence (Jatropha curcas L.) is a plant that has been long recognized by our society as a plant barrier / fence, plants and medicine of the oil for lighting, especially during the Japanese occupation. With the limited availability of fossil fuels, the government has been developing a fuel vegetable involving various sectors. At this time the use of castor oil as a raw material for the fence fuel vegetable not develop as a commercial can not compete with the fuel, diesel and kerosene.

plant compared with the distance of the fence of the plant as a raw material for fuel is a vegetable other areas can be developed in the dry and marginal land, the land potential for wide area in East Indonesia (± 20 million ha).

Besides, there are other benefits that can be developed as the material for making soap, medicines, chemicals and oilcake for organic fertilizer because it contains nitrogen (N) and organic materials other. 

Development of the plant fence distance is as vegetative (cutting) and generative (seeds). Development of the distance to the fence and plant a fence to prevent erosion can be done quickly by using the cutting. However, to produce oil for fuel, its development should use the seeds because productivity period and higher plants that live longer. In order to support the development of plant fence distance, the distance of seed availability and superior quality fencing is a must. For the garden needs to be developed as sources of seed gardens parent tree and selected to meet the technical requirements and in accordance with administrative regulations and rules seedling. To be able to development master garden fence with the distance, a guide is required as a guide in its implementation.