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Innovation in the food industry

Title:Innovation in the food industry 
View Article: Agribusiness (New York) 2002. 18 (1). 1-21 
CD Volume:383 
Author(s):Traill W B Meulenberg M 
Author Affiliation:Department of Agricultural and Food Economics, The University of Reading, P.O. Box 237, Reading RG6 6AR, UK 
Other Title:Innovation in the food industry 
Abstract:12 food manufacturing companies in 6 European countries (Denmark, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, and the UK) have been studied in 1996 with respect to the way in which they innovate, their motivations, and their emphasis on product or process innovation. It is suggested that the traditional "demand-pull" versus "technology-push" versus "a mixture of both" debate is too simplistic. Firms behave differently depending on their dominant "orientations" towards the product, the process, or the market, the types of market they supply (particularly whether they supply branded or private-label products), the nature of their ownership (public, private, cooperative), market size and scope, and company size. The suggestions of the case studies are, in general, supported by quantitative results from a survey of food manufacturers, though the survey was not designed specifically for this purpose and further quantitative model development is proposed. The findings reported in this article and the proposed refinements are important to firms and policymakers concerned with the efficiency and effectiveness of food industry innovation 
Descriptors:case-studies. food-industry. food-marketing. food-products. innovation-adoption. innovations. labelling. markets. new-products. product-development 
Geographic Locator:Denmark. France. Germany. Netherlands. Sweden. UK 
Supplemental Descriptors:Scandinavia. Northern-Europe. Europe. Developed-Countries. European-Union-Countries. OECD-Countries. Western-Europe. Mediterranean-Region. Benelux. British-Isles. Commonwealth-of-Nations 
Subject Codes:ee116. ee700. qq000 
Supplementary Info:13 ref 
Journal Title:Agribusiness 
Copyright:Copyright CAB International