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Save with frequent flyer programs

Save with frequent flyer programs

Casino pit bosses will tell you how best to make your table action is paying dividends to register for a card player who is used to record points based on how much money you made and how long you play. You can often get gifts on food, hotel rooms and merchandise. The same applies to flying. If you do not have a program to reward or frequent flyer card number when you buy your next ticket, get one. The credits, miles or points you earn when you fly in addition to the discounted or free flights, upgrades and other rewards. Not all programs of the airlines are the same, so here are 10 tips to make programs for you commuters off.

1. Look for value.
2. Book early.
3. Diversify.
4. Get the credit card.
5. Watch for promotions.
6. Double dip.
7. Watch expiration dates.
8. Avoid fees.
9. Pack light.
10. Finally, free does not mean free.

Look for value. 

If you want to fly 25,000 miles and Delta Air Lines, consider how much is the ticket before you use the miles. Now many sales due to the weak economy. If you can fly round trip from Atlanta to Boston for $ 178 worth buying the ticket and save the miles for free transcontinental flight could cost you twice as much to buy or use it to get an update on an international flight. 

Book early.

Make sure you get free ticket for only 25,000 miles. Do not pay 50,000 miles that took him two years to accumulate to a cramped coach seat unless you absolutely have to. 

The best way to maximize your miles is to book your award ticket at least several months before you want to fly. This is because the number of reward seats available at the lowest level of the redemption of many airlines are limited, especially at peak times of day or peak days. 

"If someone tries to get a prize in a high demand for specific flight at a given time of day and are not flexible, can be disappointed," American Airlines spokesman Tim Smith said. 

If you must travel at a specific time on a given day and their plans do not come together until about the days you want to leave, you can still get a free ticket, but it may cost you more miles. 60,000 miles, Delta guaranteed a free seat on a domestic flight, excluding travel to Hawaii, if a coach seat is available. 


Sign in to several programs of reward - it's free. Rewards airline AirTran Airways is increasing rapidly. You can get a free domestic coach ticket for 16 flight credits, which have only eight return flights paid, regardless of distance, to accumulate. 

But if you tend to have a lot of transcontinental flights, you can get a free ticket faster round-trip coach of United Airlines or U.S. Airways, which, like Delta reward miles based on the distance to travel. AirTran flies only in North America. But the 100 flight credits, AirTran will buy a ticket anywhere in the world with another company. 

Get the credit card. 

Some airline credit cards will mark 2 miles or points for each dollar spent at the partner airline or a mile and 1 point for every dollar spent elsewhere. Some of these cards carry annual fees of $ 85 or more. AirTran and Delta, however, have partnered to offer credit cards, no annual fee option, but that comes with 1 point or miles for every dollar spent at the partner airline and half miles or 1 point for every dollar spent elsewhere. 

"For those people who are paid very large sums in dollars per year in the cards, but do not yet have a revolving balance, mileage worthwhile cause. The annual fee is worth," said David Robertson, an expert on credit card frequent flier promotions and publisher of the Nilson Report, a newsletter for the credit card industry. 

Watch for promotions. 

Some airlines offer frequent flyer members the opportunity to get more miles, points or credits if you hire a car with a partner company, to fly to certain places or buy a NetFlix membership. For travel between now and May 14, United States has reduced the miles required for travel to Europe 55,000 to 40,000. Look at the websites of airlines and sign with airlines for e-mail alerts on promotions. 

Double dip

Some reward programs hotel allows you to earn some airline miles as their reward or carriers to transfer reward points to a partner airline awards program. 

Watch expiration dates. 

Frequent flyer miles, points or credits do not last forever in some airlines. With some programs of airlines miles or credits expire after a year or two. But members of credit cards can help. On AirTran, for example, flight credits are generally valid for 12 months after the date they were posted to the member's account. But for the owners of the mark AirTran Visa credit card and Elite, flight credits are valid for 24 months after the date of publication. 

Avoid fees. 

Book your ticket online reward. Calling a customer service agent can cost you - AirTran charges a $ 15 booking fee directly. Try to fly the airline on which you are redeeming miles reward. Using your frequent flyer miles in three weeks of travel can cost you a fee - $ 75 at Continental Airlines OnePass members if the basic reward ticket book less than 21 days from the date of travel. 

Pack light. 

You check to pay the fees of the bag, even if you are travelling on a reward ticket. So, try just a carryon bag and one personal item per person. If you have to check a bag and travel with another person, to merge their belongings in a bag and split the fee. But be careful not to pack the bag too heavy. There are fees for excess baggage. The fees vary according to the company - some carriers charge for coach passengers on domestic flights $ 15 for first checked bag and $ 25 for a second checked bag. Delta charges $ 90 on a domestic flight on a checked bag weighing between 51 pounds and 70 pounds. 

Finally, free does not mean free. 

The reward redemption generally includes the base fare of the ticket. Some airlines charge for certain taxes or fees. American and other companies, you still pay $ 2.50 for the security service fee that all boarding passengers at U.S. airports have had to pay since the rate was established after the September 11, 2001, attacks. In America, international award tickets are subject to, and the passenger is responsible for, applicable departure taxes and / or federal inspection fees.